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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Zulu Snuggles In

Zulu's first full-day in Seattle ended nicely.
After playing with Dan (picture below) and RUNNING in the pasture with the rest of the dogs after dinner, Zulu & Ru snuggled up with me for the evening.

Dan's been having a great time with the dogs too. Prior to Zulu snuggling in with me, he spent the entire movie time laying on Dan and schmoozing with him.

Dan was also the first to grab the camera when we took the pups out to the pasture for a little romp and he captured some incredible shots of Zulu & Ru running and playing like little goofs.

Zulu also had a chance to play with my in-laws Labs and he and Spazzy Jazzy got along smashingly. Jazzy's not always quick to play with new dogs and she immediately took to him and the race of 'who could do the more play bows' quickly began.

In typical Border Collie style, Zulu is choosing to stay out and play when called and so Dan and I plan to immediately begin our home training plan with him.

It's nice to see him excited and interested in the other pups, but ultimately we need him to be able to snap too and have a reliable recall for safety reasons.

While we may let him get away with no formal training today, tomorrow will be a different story.

He has settled in incredibly well and is a very happy pup so now it's time to give him a few jobs and further develop him to the household rules. I have no doubt he'll catch on quickly : )

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