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Monday, June 15, 2009

Santa Cruz & Sea Lions

After judging on Saturday, Dan and I had an opportunity to drive into Santa Cruz to check out the scene.

As we were driving into town, we saw quite a few 'characters'. I couldn't get to my camera fast enough! The first guy we saw had layers of leather skins flowing behind him as he walked. Think Kevin Costner in Water World, this guy had a rugged look that was crazy for a sunny and warm location like we were in.

Besides leather-man, most folks were hanging out by the water.

Among those hanging out along the Pier were the sea lions. Attached are a couple of photos from those who were sunbathing and enjoying the day. Any excuse to play with the new camera and animals are the perfect subjects.

The last picture is of the pier we were on. It was a nice mini trip along this coastal town.

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