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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Zulu Meets RuRu

Zulu's afternoon was nice and uneventful. He hung around/napped with me and of course I loved on him as often as I could!

Dan picked up our young Dalmatian, Rough (Ru) and I put the other dogs away so Zulu and RuRu would have a chance to get to know one another.

I bet Dan that they'd be running around and playing like little maniacs within 10 minutes. I was took less than 3 minutes and they were playing like old pros.

Rouge will be GREAT for Zulu and vice versa. They're both incredibly sweet dogs and have a wonderful outlook on life.

I took some pictures of the two of them playing and as you can see, they get along smashingly.

Later tonight we'll take them out to the pasture to run. Burton won't be invited because while he is a terrific dog and loves to play, he tends to get too rough with the others.

So later Dan and Zulu got a chance to play. I feel so bonded to the little guy and I know Dan feels the same. It's really fun to watch the two of them play and to listen to Zulu do his play yipping with Dan. This is the first puppy that the two of us picked out together so it's very special when it's a match for both of us.

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