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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Courses - Springfield, MA - Fri

Attached are courses from our Fri Springfield, MA judging assignment.

I loved how this Excellent JWW course ran. It was fun to watch and I received feedback from exhibitors that they enjoyed running it as well - always nice to hear.

On paper, the #10 - #15 sequence looks a bit scary. In real life, it generally ran smooth and was fast and flowing. My favorite part was the #13 jump through the #15 tunnel. Dogs were able to accelerate as they headed into the closing sequence.

Attached is Dan's Excellent Standard course. As for challenging areas, I heard several exhibitors had difficulty making the weave entry. After looking at it, I wonder which side of the triple they were on while heading toward the weaves.

I also heard folks mention that several dogs took the off course #18 jump after the dog walk.


  1. Both were REALLY fun courses - I got a double Q!! :) Hope to have you back in the area again!

  2. Loved all your courses all weekend (and Dan's too!) I managed to go 3 for 4 and every run was a fun one! Hope you are back in the area soon!