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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Courses - Springfield, MA - Sat

Attached is the Excellent Standard course from today's trial in MA. A few items that caught my attention:

- Several handlers set their dog's up within feet of the first jump, which resulted in a knocked bar.

- The #9 & #14 jumps were the most popular dropped bars.

- Several handlers assumed #14 - #16 was a straight line. If dogs were ahead of their handlers, they would often curl in and take the off course jump after #15. 

- Quite a few dogs missed the weave pole entry. 

Also attached is Dan's Excellent JWW course. I know he was VERY proud with how it ran and bragged about it quite a bit .

Of course handlers backed up his claim so it must have been a good one.

Seriously, while I didn't have a chance to see it in person, it really does look like fun on paper.

1 comment:

  1. If I may comment here, I was just at this trial and had the time of my life! Both of you had great courses that were alot of fun as well as challenging. You mentioned Dan's JWW's course on Saturday and yes, it was great! My sheltie actually dropped jump 2, so when I saw that, I relaxed and thought 'ok, we're going for it!' I sent him out to jump 5 and pivoted and ran down the right side of the jump line numbers 6, 7, 8 & rear-crossed 9. On paper this does not look like a straight line; however, it is. I saw some competitors front cross after jump 6 to run down the left side of this line, however some dogs who got ahead of the handlers curved in and missed the triple and went into the tunnel. We performed the rest of this course flawlessly and I was esctatic at the end! I even had someone come up to me the next day and commented on how well we ran that course and that I looked like I was having a ball with my dog. So it must have shown! With both of your courses this weekend, we got our 2nd Ex A std leg and our AXJ title with Lisa's great jumpers course today! Thank you!! I hope we see you back here on the eastcoast again soon!

    Deb Janssen