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Monday, June 29, 2009

Zulu's Trip To Seattle, WA

Today was a big day for Zulu!

He got to go on two airplane rides, go in an elevator, ride 3 different kinds of escalators, go up a steep ramp to the airplane, be a good dog and lay in 2 different restaurants (in 2 different cities) and met trillions and trillions of people and kids, not to mention viewing countless rolling luggage!

Zulu was a CHAMP! As you can see in the first picture attached, he's comfortably laying on my lap in Dallas-Ft. Worth. It was a very exciting time.

On the airplane, the crews were wonderful and Zulu slept on my lap the entire time. On the Dallas to Seattle flight, Zulu and I caught a couple hour nap so we were both ready for the homecoming.

Ru, my young Dalmatian, isn't home yet, but meeting the other dogs went great! Pinky, my older Dalmatian, LOVES Border Collies so all was fine there. Spot, my older Border Collie, thought he was in HEAVEN having another dog who plays and looks just like him. Burton, our Chocolate Lab really likes to play with him.

As you can see, Zulu is playing with the herd and doing great.

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