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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Courses, Northern CA, June 14, 2009

Today was another great day judging in Northern, CA....Ah, except for the slight residuals from my Sake experience the evening before. As a part of this club's great hospitality, we went to a sushi place that had these really neat wooden boxes full of Sake, was really fun!

Back to the trial - we started today with Excellent JWW. This was originally a Standard course in it's prior life and with a few modifications and switching out of some obstacles, this course was reincarnated into this creation.

Most handlers were clearly worried about the #7 jump. Some handlers rushed to get in a front cross after the #4 tunnel and others leisurely waited, called their dogs in and then rear-crossed the #5 jump.

The biggest surprise was after the weave poles and down the line of jumps from #11 through #13, where the #12 jump had quite a few dropped bars. A few dogs took the off-course #1 jump and only 1 dog took the off course jump after the #15 triple.

Taking the double twice posed no problems for dogs and most handlers picked up the dogs on their right side at the #17 jump going into the closing. If handlers were late in their cue, dogs had to work hard to keep the #17 bar up and not run into their human partner.

On Excellent FAST, most dogs easily got this bonus (most folks do a lot of USDAA out here) and worked their way around the course easily.

As for Excellent Standard, this was Dan's course and as usual, I was in one ring judging while the course was being run and didn't get to see much of the action.

I did however, see his Q rate and it looked good, so the course must have run well!

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