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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Fourth of July!

It's been a few days since I wrote. It's been busy/hectic around the house, but Dan and I have also been focusing on our home, our pups and the wonderful weather. It's a happy time for us and we're really enjoying it.

First, a quick update on Zulu. Simply put, he's wonderful, he's happy and he's become a part of our clan very easily.

Zulu and Spot had a 10 second scuffle yesterday. Basically in play Spot nipped Zulu and Zulu came back at him and Spot grabbed his collar and scared him. The good news is all was forgiven in 1.5 minutes.

Over all, Dan and I are thrilled to have Zulu and it brings us joy to watch him playing, hanging and snuggling with us and the dogs. Today he'll come with over to a friend's house to celebrate the Fourth. Oh, another bonus, thanks to his breeder, fireworks don't bother him in the least - thank you Barb!!!!

So yesterday we had 60 tons of dirt delivered - 6 dump truck loads to spread around our property . I hired 3 laborers to help us and they were amazing. I would highly recommend this type of help for anyone who tackles such a large project like we did. Most of the dirt went out to the pasture area since there were several places that were hilly and holey. My goal has been to bring in dirt to flatten and level a few places, especially in the Agility area. Amazingly enough, I'm afraid we may need more dirt, but we'll figure it out tomorrow when we're done spreading the last 1.5 truck loads.

As for today, we're doing NOTHING! To say we're sore is an understatement. The laborers completely put us to shame on the physical work. Just another reason to hit the gym!

We've had a nice day relaxing and playing with the dogs. It's fun to see Zulu blossom and to see Ru play so much and continue to build muscle. With her body structure and short coat, it's easy to see each chiseled muscle and she looks so darned good! Wish someone would throw a ball for me and ration out my food : )

Any way, Happy Fourth everyone!

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