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Monday, July 6, 2009

L& D Dog Club

You've seen lots of photos of Zulu, our new pup, so I thought it would be fitting to show a few of the rest of our clan.

As I mentioned in my previous note, the dogs spent the day outdoors with us. As you can imagine, that gave me some time to take pictures of the rest of the clan to share - so here they are!

The first is Pinky, our oldest. It's tough to get good pictures of her these days. Age is catching up with her and I'm treasuring every moment with her because I know my time is limited.

Next is Spot, our next oldest. Spot will be 9 in a few months and although in great shape, he has developed a heart murmur over the last year. However, thanks to Agility, he is in terrific shape and so we've been advised to keep his life as is. This means he still gets to enjoy romps and agility, his favorite things!

Next is Ru, who just turned 18 months a few days ago. I'd have to say she's the most photogenic of the group, although Burton comes in a very close second. He's the best at portrait shots while Ru is great in action shots : )

Speaking of Burton, his striking pose brings up the rear on this page. Burton is now 2 years, although we got him just a short 7 months ago.

It was great to get such wonderful shots of the gang.

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