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Monday, July 6, 2009

Zulu & the 'Big' Apple

Zulu had a fun-filled day yesterday with the rest of the clan. While Dan and I were tending to our yard work duties, the dogs spent 6+ hours outdoors with us having full access to both the wooded and pasture area for the day.

After running, exploring and romping for the majority of the day, all of the dogs were barely able to keep their eyes open by dinner time.

Just as Zulu was slowing down for the day, he discovered an apple on the ground from one of our fruit trees. Of course it's not close to being ripe and Zulu agreed it wasn't edible material. However, it made a GREAT 'ball' to play with and had just the right amount of squishiness to chew on and hardness to withstand his puppy teeth.

Zulu proceeded to take his new toy on top of one of our downed cedar logs to play with. The logs are very large and he was able to easily settle in comfortably to check out his new toy.

Soon, he began to occupy himself by flipping the ball around in his mouth and at times, let it roll off the log so he'd have to go chase and retrieve his new toy.

I'm not sure what eventually happened to the 'big' apple, but Zulu had a great time with his new toy and it allowed me some wonderful photos to add to his scrapbook as well.


  1. I do find it quite ironic that you have Dalmatians, but it's the Border Collie who is named "Spot". :)

  2. LOL - Yeah, I did that because I thought it would be funny, but I have to admit sometimes it only confuses ME! : )