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Friday, January 30, 2009

Weaves 2x2 - outdoors

Today I took my 2x2 weave pole training outside with Ru. Since I'm moving from my confined & sterile living room to the spacious outdoor pasture, I wisely chose to start my weave work from the beginning.

Ru tends to get VERY excited when we go out to the pasture because that's our "play land". The agility equipment is out there, we throw balls/Frisbee's/bumpers and whatever other toy we have and encourage our dogs to stretch their legs and have fun.

Ru and I started tugging on our toy and when she just about ripped my arm off, I knew she was hyped (and I've never felt that much power from her before!). For the first 3 attempts, Ru passed by the weave entry with her eyes glazed over by enchantment for the rustling leaves, the coastal breeze and anything else that caught her attention. I have to laugh, I've never really seen her that hyped before!

The fourth time was a charm, she made the "entry" (going through the gate perpendicular) and off she went with her toy. It took a few minutes for her to burn a bit more energy off and bring the toy back. The next attempt, it was clear to me that she IS pausing at the entrance of the weaves (this is when I start to toss the toy). To get her to move her entire body through, I began tossing the toy only when her back legs were beyond the base. We did a few more reps (working both sides) and that seemed to do the trick.

Tomorrow we'll go back to the same place and do it again. My ultimate goal is to have Ru taking the "entry" from any side, any angle, driving through them and with any distractions.

I should probably note that Ru's training would more than likely move along much faster if I trained several times a day for about 3 minutes. I have to be honest, I'm not interested in moving it along that fast with her and prefer to work my 3 minute sessions on other base work. Burton, our other dog who is about 6 months older than Ru is a perfect candidate for the extended weave training.

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