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Thursday, January 29, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

I was recently 'tagged' and asked to provide a little information on me. I remembered a few things I'd almost forgotten, so I thought I'd share. If anyone wants to add their 25 Random things, feel free!


1. I was raised in the Midwest (just outside of Chicago, IL) and moved to Seattle, WA about 5 years ago.

2. I have a degree in Criminal Justice, - I was originally interested in Law Enforcement but quickly realized I was far too gullible for that career. Instead I went on to get a degree in Business Administration and actively used my law background in Human Resources. My last position in that field was with Boeing as an Investigator.

3. Whatever you want to call it, I believe in a higher plane/God, etc. I don't see it as religious, but rather spiritual.

4. When I was 14, I once hitchhiked on the advice of a friend who wasn't the best influence. Let's just say I'm a very lucky girl and never did that again.

6. Suduko is my favorite!

7. 20 years ago while helping me with Calculus homework, an Engineering friend informed me that I'd never use it again - so far, they've been right!

8. I have a concealed gun permit and a registered handgun. That also means I have a clear background check : )

9. I'm a wine drinker with Washington & Australian wines being some of my favorites. Don't worry, I don't mix drinking and shooting!

10. I have a dream that all dog trainers will treat the people around them the same way they treat their dogs. With a smile, a warm voice, openness, respect and sincerity. This seems to be a lost art....

11. Tivo is my friend! Chuck, Designed to Sell, Enterprise, The Mentalist....but usually not reality TV.

12. My grandmother was very talented and got me started in oil painting at the age of 4.

13. I create & sell custom high end jewelry using silver, gold and natural stone. I've been commissioned to create custom jewelry to match a bridal gown and have created custom pieces for my client's significant others.

14. Pinky was my first dog. I could never have imagined the world she opened me up to - Agility, Obedience, Judging. She brought me new friends (most of whom are now old friends, a husband & terrific family).

15. Yes, I am one of the few who met their husband while doing agility.

15. I'm from the Midwest where food equates to love, so, I enjoy cooking.

16. This city-girl once helped show sheep (the ones with big pointy horns!) at the WA State Fair. When we got into our place for the judge's review, I said "Kona, Stay!" The owner laughed and told me sheep didn't know commands. I responded "But, she's doing it!" The sheep didn't move the entire time and we still laugh at my dumb luck.

17. Since moving to WA, I rarely wear makeup and am very happy with that decision.

18. Seattle has the highest suicide rate of any other city in the U.S. and quite a few people here are unhappy and negative. I wonder if Happy Pills were invented with Seattle in mind...

19.I learned I was a fighter - When I was 24, I was diagnosed with a genetic disease that makes my immune system attack my own body. There are days I know that without my dogs, I'd never get out of bed. They make me fight to continue to move forward and to focus beyond myself.

20. My darkest time - I lost my first dog this year, he was young and to make things hard, I made & bare the decision of putting him to sleep. This event threw me into a tailspin and I felt caught in a feedback loop of emotion (the loss, the guilt in "killing" my dog, etc.) and the logic that we all try to put on the passing of a soul.

21. I'll often tell my Agility students "Run" and "One more time!" One day the sentences combined as they came out of my mouth and became "Run More Time!". We've kept it ever since.

22. Why is it that when dog's fart they don't even blink, but when you fart, they turn and smell their butts?

23. At the age of 36 I had cataract surgery (remember #19). The best thing that came out of it - no more contacts or glasses!

24. In the past, my idea of learning a lesson had been to see the situation, think "I'll bet that would be a bad idea...", decide to do it and then think "Yeap, I was right - bad idea!"

25. I've learned that ultimately, your outlook on a situation is sometimes the one and only thing you can control.

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