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Friday, January 16, 2009

Frozen Tundra - 1st Morning

It's -17 here in the frozen tundra (commonly called Appleton, WI) and I'm thinking that if I hide under the covers, the club will never find me. I'm not ready for the Siberian Torture Experience!

The good news, I don't have to be ready until 10:30 their time so I slept in, walked in my PJs down to the lobby for breakfast, brought it back to the room and now sit with the covers wrapped around me. 

The hallway was warm. It was wonderful. I still can't figure out how to work the damn wall unit heater in my room. When I arrived last night the heat was off - yes, it was cold in there. Then the heater overtook the room and I could barely breath it was so hot. At some point in the night the "heater" turned itself to "cool" and by morning it was again cold! I wonder when I'll be overcome by heat again...probably just before I have to go out into that -17 weather. Did I mention they say it feels like -31 below with the windchill?

Reason #1 on why I left the Midwest is clear...although the fried cheese curds last night where really good! I'd forgotten how I missed them.

More later, if I survive the Siberian Torture Experience, Take 1.

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