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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Weave 2x2 - Chapter 2 on DVD

So my goals for today's mini weave pole session was

  1. to have faith in the toy that I throw, so I've changed over to a braided material that is light (i.e. can't break vases or a window), is long enough for Ru and I to tug on and I can confidently throw
  2. To observe how willing Ru is to go to and interact with the poles
  3. To observe the number of repetitions and count how many are successful/not
  4. Start with Perpendicular poles and move to the poles in the 8 & 2 o'clock position, keeping the success
  5. As always, have fun!
  6. Keep it short, to 1-2 minutes tops
I'm still in my living room and using 2 poles. I'm starting with the 2 poles perpendicular to me and we work only in 1 direction.

Just as I was pulling out the poles, I stepped away to move an unrelated object in the room and saw Ru dart between the poles. Yeah! That tells me she's recognizing them and knows the first action. We did the poles 3 more times (with me moving so the dog is on my right and on my left sides at different times). Ru was successful each time and without hesitation. I played with her after each rep as a reward and to get her nice and excited for the task at hand.

I then moved the poles to the 8 & 2 position. Ru easily continued the game and we did 5 more reps - all with success & play between reps.

In keeping with my goal of a short training session, we stopped there and continued our play. Ru is quite happy with the toy and gets very excited to be working.

Now that I'm confident with our living room training, tomorrow I'll move our session outdoors. Since I'll be in a new environment, I'll start our training from scratch (straight poles) and add a bit of distance. I want Ru to really drive to the poles - getting the correct "entry" of course!

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