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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Training the Teeter

With past dogs, I've trained the teeter various ways.

Pinky was taught to stop at the pivot, push and then walk down - that was 12 years ago and I won't be returning to that method!

Spot was terribly afraid of the teeter and I had to make a compromise with him - if I wanted to do Agility, I was going to have to adjust to what HE could offer me, not necessarily demand what I wanted. The compromise was that I taught him to down at the pivot point. Flattening himself made him feel secure and over the years the teeter has turned into what I would have hoped for, with no pressure from me, Spot began to like the teeter and now he goes into the yellow and rides it down.

Coal had the best teeter of all as he was taught to go to the end of the board and ride it down. He loved the movement and loved his teeter.

With Ru, I'd like the same teeter performance as Coal. Since Ru has had quite a bit of 2 on 2 off training, she tends to offer that behavior at the end of the teeter. I have to be consistent in my desire to have her run to the end and ride it down. She's comfortable with the movement and has been on moving things since she was 4 weeks old (the breeder was great about that).

At this time, she's just starting to offer consistency on going to the end of the board and riding it down - of course we're still at the point where I'm helping with the board until the consistency level hits at least 90%.

Basically, I need to be working this on a daily basis for at least 3 minutes a day.

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