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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Today's Quote is on Friendship

I'm always picking up nuggets of information that springboard my thoughts down a path I hadn't expected. Today's quote did just that:

To the soul, there is hardly anything more healing than friendship.
-- Thomas Moore

I'm sure you've had 'em - bad days. I'm sure you've met 'em - mean people. I'm sure you've received it - bad news. Whatever reason, I personally don't know anyone who can honestly say they haven't had at least one day where they felt like a bug who just smashed into a windshield. But there is a bright side to this scenario - friendship.

My friends have helped me to laugh at myself (of course I like the part where we get to laugh at them too!), were a ray of sunshine when all looked bleak, who made it clear they weren't going anywhere, who still liked me when I less than stellar and who shared their energy when it felt like I had none.

True friendship is worth far more than any gem stone you can buy and it certainly is a whole lot more stable!

So the call to action in this message is to be the best friend to those around you. Especially since you never know when that act of kindness will be the event that heals a part of someone's soul.

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