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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Dog Theft on the Rise - Article

Originally posted August 6, 2008:

We've certainly noticed this in our area. Interesting that this is happening across the country.
FYI - From the SPCA
Dear Friends and Supporters,

We have heard some disturbing news related to the slowing economy and your pets' safety. Reports of pet theft have dramatically increased this year - in fact, reports have quadrupled since 2007.

SPCA International cannot explain this rise, but we do recognize that people get desperate in hard times. It is extremely unfortunate that the victims in this case are our pets.

Thieves see our animals as helpless victims for their gain in a number of ways. Purebred dogs and cats can often sell for thousands of dollars. On Web sites like and the thief can remain relatively anonymous while selling your missing animal for a retail price. Thieves may also scheme to take advantage of your desperation by stealing your pet and waiting for you to post a reward. Returning your dog or cat a few days later as a hero and collecting profit with little suspicion.

Reports indicate that animals are stolen from backyards while parents are out, from cars while parents run a quick errand and from dog parks while old friends chat. I urge you to take extra precaution for your pets' safety this year, especially if your best friend may be viewed as an expensive breed. You being aware of this rising problem may be just the protection your companion needs.

I hope you and your family have a safe and fun August. If you can spare a small donation, we greatly appreciate and need your continued support – click here. With these summer months and a tough economy, we need all the help we can get from each one of you to continue building our efforts and supporting our companion animals in all that we do. We thank you.


JD Winston
Executive Director
SPCA International

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