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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Going Green In The Dog World

Originally posted on July 8, 2008:

Going Green in the Dog World - It's Easy
Overall, they say that the United States is doing the least to "go green", although we're apparently the biggest offender when it comes to destructive behavior toward Mother Nature. Keeping that in mind, I've been on a personal mission to make my dog life/business as green as it can be!
So far I've made two large changes and I thought I'd share them since it's something that you too can easily do to have a positive impact.
First, as a member of the Lab Club and a Committee Member of their June trial held a few weeks ago I was allowed the opportunity to try a new concept to eliminate water bottles at trials. As I'm sure you know, water bottles are a huge problem in our landfills, they're often wasted, there's a big clean-up issue as they're strewn all over the trial grounds and of course they lead to full garbage cans which go straight to the landfills.
That's where the "Go Green" water concept came in. At the trial, the only water bottles purchased were for the judges. For everyone else (workers and exhibitors), we provided 2 huge water coolers (picture the kind that get dumped on coaches after a big game) filled with ice and water (store bought) from filtered, fresh water in 5 gallon jugs. We did provided paper cups, but ultimately, the idea is to encourage everyone to bring their own reusable water bottle to each trial.
I'm sharing this idea because I'm hoping you'll each go back to your clubs and encourage them to do the same. All that is needed is
2 - 10 gallon water coolers (on sale now at Home Depot)
4 - 5 gallon plastic/refillable water jugs ($11 each)
water to fill the jugs was a mere $1.75 to fill each 5 gallon water jug (found at the grocery store entry)
ice was less than $15 for a 3 day show
The Lab Club received an overwhelming positive response to this idea and it has already been adopted for other other Agility Trials. Additionally, the Lab Club Board liked the idea so much, they're going to be using this concept in the future.
The next idea I've been looking into is biodegradable poop bags. Like most of us, I'm currently using plastic, but with 5 dogs, plus caring for client dogs, it's time to change my ways to be more earth friendly.
Now keep in mind that just like you, I don't want "stuff" on my hands or leaky bags so this concept has to meet the reality test. That's where comes into play (no, I'm not receiving any kickback for this product ), there is a link on the front of my webpage (bottom right). They're biodegradable and I'm told will meet my cleanliness expectations. So I've taken the plunge and ordered a mass amount of the product so when you next see me, ask to see a bag and inquire how it's going. I suspect all will be fine and so I'm encouraging you to make the "green" change as well.
I've shared a few ideas on how to "Go Green" in the dog world, does anyone else have any they would like to share?

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