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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Goal Set for What You CAN Control - Article

Originally sent on July 10, 2008:

The below is a portion of a Lanny Basham newsletter that is relevant to Agility and so I thought I'd share.
While the main topic was about the Miss Texas Competition, the points are relevant to any competition. Enjoy!
...Our clients were all told before the competition the same thing: Goal set ONLY for what you can control! You cannot control the outcome of a competition. You cannot control who the judges will chose in the end. But you CAN control your attitude about your performance. You CAN control your actions during the week and your performance in each phase of competition. Most importantly you CAN control your training.
Competitors in most sports seems to train easy and compete hard or they train hard and compete hard causing them to over-try. They have it backwards. You need to train HARD, put in the hours, the effort, the sweat to know that you did all you could before the competition to be the best you can be. When the competition arrives - RELAX, HAVE FUN and just enjoy the ride. Trust that all of your hard work in training was enough to carry you to your goal.
If you compete in a subjective sport or you are in a competitive business environment that is subjective remember that what matters most is did you give a performance that lives up to your potential? If so you cannot ask for more, if not, why not? Did you truly train hard enough to excel - did you out train your competition? Did you really relax and trust your training? Did you have a mental program in advance and did you follow it? Did you write in your Performance Analysis daily? Were your circles in balance?...

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