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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Dog Food Podcast by Natura

FYI Item

To get the inside scoop on pet food manufacturing, join Natura Pet Products beginning September 10th for a special podcast - How Pet Food is Made - available only on

During this presentation, Natura's own Dr. Sean Delaney, vice president of Natura Pet Products, and Kari Liu, technical services and product development manager with Natura Manufacturing Inc., will give you an exclusive tour through our production process:
  • Ingredient definitions - why we use - and don't use - many popular pet food ingredients
  • Ingredient sources - where we get our high-quality raw ingredients
  • Pet food recipes - how our healthful recipes are developed
  • Cooking process - the difference between extrusion and baking
  • Quality control - why Natura established the most rigorous testing process in the industry
To listen to this free podcast anytime, just visit and click on the presentation.

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