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Friday, May 29, 2009

Smelling the Roses

The last several weeks have been a whirl-wind of fantastic activities. 

In my personal life, things are moving along great. Dan & I are judging together over the next 5 weeks so June is a month that we're going to find ourselves overly busy, but at least we're together.

Today we judged in Dayton, OH and one of the exhibitors has several rabbits they're raising in the absence of their Mom. I was able to pet & hand-feed this VERY CUTE and precious youngster pictured. 

Dan and I have also been enjoying our yard and the nice weather with some rather large bond fires. We've been taking out some old stumps and trimming a few trees, not to mention burning extra wood we've acquired during our renovation work on the house.

Bond fires are GREAT!

Next, we have a picture of the flowering cherry trees in the front of our house as well as all of the flowering bushes in the front.

Someday we plan to put a circular drive in where the river rock currently is. In preparation for that day, I've been adjusting and pruning our mature landscaping each year so the drive won't look like a terrible addition.

I've become an expert at moving ferns and next Spring I plan to tackle moving a few Rhodes & Azaleas - wish me luck!

Oh, Dan has already decided on our July project...a front porch on our home! We have the perfect covered area and this will immediately add warmth & character to our home. I'm also very excited since I have always dreamed of a home with a front porch, so this is going to be a great project that we'll enjoy.

Last, but not least, one of my clients has a wonderful Border Collie who I just love! Omi is amazing and a light of sunshine for her owner and it has been so delightful to see Omi grow and to be a part of her positive experiences.

I really do have one of the best jobs!

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