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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Camera Phone's - Not Just for Teens Any More

This little girl was sitting pretty while her Mom was walking the course before class. I couldn't help but take advantage of the photo opportunity and snapped a picture with my camera phone.

I used to think camera phones were worthless gadgets (especially in the old days when you had to pay for using this service), but many times I find myself without my regular camera and a photo moment in front of me. Now I don't have to miss them!

Anyone who has been around me long enough knows that I'm an absolute camera FREAK. 

For example, last year a boating trip on Lake Washington resulted in over 220 photos. Another time a couple mile hike up Tiger Mountain got me over 75 would have been much more, but my camera battery well my cell phone battery when I reverted to using the camera phone.

A few years ago I was fascinated with flowers and spent the entire Spring running around Washington taking pictures of them. I have hundreds of beautiful pictures and later I used some of them while decorating my home.

This year I'm on a mission to take pictures of the dogs that are a part of my life. Not just my own pups, but my client's dogs as well. I also have a surprise in store for my pet obedience folks - I plan to use the photos on their graduation certificates. Since I know I'm not the only one who loves pictures of their dogs, I want my clients to be proud of their 4-legged babies and the hard work they put into them.

I'll be sure to share pictures as I continue to take them.

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