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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Courses Day 2, Gem City, Dayton, OH Sat

Today was a beautiful, sunny day in Dayton, OH.

Attached are the Excellent courses for the day. I would have added Open & Novice, but I'm a bit sleepy after several nights of very little sleep (jet lag).

First is Excellent JWW and I'd say the toughest part was #7-#9. Handlers failed to alert, either verbally or with body language, in a timely manner that the weave poles were the next obstacle in the sequence. Dogs were repeatedly pushed to the #3 off course jump as handlers turned in to face their dog in this area.

Next was Excellent FAST. I LOVED this Bonus as it gave handlers various options, allowed them to be creative and still worked their 'Send' skills. Several handlers commented how much fun this sequence was. 
Last, but certainly not least is Dan's Excellent Standard course for the day. All I heard was that it was a nice course and several dogs took the off-course #3 tunnel.

Have fun with these courses!

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