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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Airforce Museum, Dayton, OH area & The Boy Scouts

During our Dayton, OH judging weekend, we had some time after the show on Saturday to visit the US Airforce Museum which was a mere 7 minutes from the show site.

Dan was THRILLED to go since he has a special love for the Airforce & airplanes. Me, I'm happy for him and went along to play with our new camera.

The museum is HUGE and since we only had a couple of hours, we weren't able to see it all. However, it is free and what we did see was incredible, even to a common flight enthusiast such as myself.

The first picture is just a small portion of just one of the buildings of the museum and as you can see, it is packed from floor to ceiling with all types of airplanes.

The first section of the museum is the early years. Since the first flight by the Wright Brothers was in this area, there was quite a bit of historic planes.

Next came the Modern Age of Flight building which included beautiful planes like the Stealth pictured here.

The third building housed space items such as the rockets shown in the picture attached.

Other buildings included Presidential Planes and Research & Development. Unfortunately, we didn't have time to see those, but we did have some time to visit the outdoor planes as well. 

On our walk over to the outdoor planes, we ran into a Boy Scout Troop who asked us to take a picture of them. First there was the serious one and then the not-so-serious picture.

Afterward, their Troop Master took pictures of us and we readily invited the group in for our not-so-serious shot! I laughed so hard when I saw these pictures and I know I'll always remember this fun group of guys.

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