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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Pork Steak War - Human vs. Dog

Some days things just don't go along as planned and then snowball from there. 

You know what I'm talking about, you wake up, have certain expectations on what the day is going to look like or what you're going to get done....and then're swept off in a different direction and can only watch as your plans for the day disappear in the flood behind you.

Yesterday started off like that when I realized my freezer plug had somehow come undone. Luckily the food was still very cold, just fully thawed. As I began my massive meal preparation undertaking so that I could save my loot, the dogs were sniffing around like buzzards on a not yet dead meal. That should have been my first clue, but trusting me was sure they'd know their boundaries.

Later, in the midst of a meal baking in the oven, 2 full pots stewing on the stove and several already prepared items heading back to frozenland, I begin unwrapping packages of pork steak from the butcher. Beth, my mum-in-law, came over to claim a few potentials for her kitchen (thank goodness or that would have meant more cooking for me!) and we took a moment to sit and catch up. 

Within a few moments we spot Ru, my young Dalmatian, chewing on something and quickly realized it was one of the pork steaks! I scurry over and as I am just about to take it out of her mouth, Burton, our young Lab, spies her treasure, takes advantage of her submission, comes in like a parana on a fresh kill, grabs it and begins a gulp in hopes of capturing the prize for himself.

Unlucky for him, I'm not a good looser and am hell bent on getting that undeserved treat back! In true Selthofer fashion (read the Great Tumbleweed Adventure if you need a refresher), I tackle Burton and shove my hand down his throat, retrieving the bone-in pork steak before he has a chance to suck in another breath and attempt a second gulp. I promptly proceeded to toss that steak in the garbage having felt like a winning warrior in a battle to the death. After all, I showed him! who was boss!

Silly me to think it was over! A few hours later, I have to run out to teach a class and after putting away what I thought was all of the dogs, left with little Ru for some practice time. It wasn't until my return home a few hours later and found the garbage can knocked over, did I remember that Burton had been sleeping quietly on our bed and his stealthiness earned him some unsupervised time around the home.

You guessed it, that pork steak I'd fought so valiantly for earlier was gone! Not only that, but Burton had taken several pans used to make lasagna, brought them onto our bed (his apparent place of comfort) and licked them clean. Of course there were now tomato stains on our comforter as well as those sparkling pans!

Yeah, he showed me who was boss! LOL - resourceful little demon dogs, aren't they?!?!

1 comment:

  1. Funny story. All that cooking was just too much to resist. We once had our German Shepherd steal a roast off the counter - at least we all got 1 serving first. My wife is like you - she will go half way down the dogs throat to retrieve something they were not allowed to eat.
    Thanks for the laugh...