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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Junior Handlers & Their Dogs

Those that are close to me know I have a special place in my heart for Junior Handlers. 

Why? Well, just like a lot of other people out there, I didn't have a great childhood. I am certain that if it weren't for some wonderful influences along the way, I would have been dreaming up and partaking in a ton of trouble in my spare time!

Not having kids of my own and teaching them creates a few unique challenges. To keep in touch, I've had to learn about Facebook, text messaging lingo and that the use of the word 'Cool' is way out of date.  When explaining to a 9 year old boy the appropriate size treats to give a dog as a reward, I've come up with the term "booger size" as a descriptive. You'd be amazed how well that worked!

Just like in dog training, I work hard to focus on the positives and to reward, praise, reward and praise more. See, my dog training experience has helped prepare me for kids!

Stay tuned, next time I'm going to share a true and very entertaining story about one of my Junior Handlers first time in the agility ring : )

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