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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Crazy Dog Quirk - Ball + Mud = Fun

Spring in Seattle means rain, more rain, moss removal and spring clean-up. Did I mention the rain? Have I also mentioned the guaranteed puddles that develop as well? Often times we'll see ducks using our pasture as a swamp area and other times our dogs put their personal watering holes to good use. That's what my Border Collie, Spot did today while I was out doing yard work. 

While out working in the forest area of our property, I found Spot's long lost and favorite toy - a 10' hard plastic ball. Spot can entertain himself for hours with that toy and today was no exception.

Once found, I tossed the toy up toward the house. Later, I heard him playing and then much later I happened to look up and there was my VERY muddy and goofy dog splattering himself silly while playing with his ball!

I let him play all day, but was sure to get a few pictures & video for my own private laughing session. He's clearly having so much fun and enjoying the nice day just as much as I was.

Enjoy the video and picture!

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