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Friday, April 10, 2009

Juniors are Amazing!

Jill is a great sport and handed her Sheltie named Shelby off to Kady, a junior handler who takes lessons from me.

It started last night at Agility Class when Jill was running her young dog and mentioned in passing how Kady should run her more experienced dog, Shelby.  Well, one thing lead to another and Kady took her over and ran her...quite well I may add!  From there, Jill handled Shelby over to Kady to run in Exc. JWW.

Seriously, the team did AMAZING! First, Kady's not in Excellent so the course level was a unique challenge, second, this was only the second time she ran Shelby! Attached is the video of the run - the team was absolutely incredible and we look forward to seeing their runs together tomorrow. 

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