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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Course Analysis - Novice FAST in Ohio

Columbus, OH was so much fun!  Lots of great people, terrific dogs and a wonderful Club & Host (The Wild Weavers).

To the right is a Novice FAST class.  What was interesting about this course was that the send bonus was bi-directional.  Meaning the handlers could chose either jump #3 to #10 or #10 to #3.

If you look closely at the two jumps, you'll see the angle of each.  It became clear as handlers were running the course that 1 way was easier than another - can you guess which way?

Those that took #3 to #10 found their dogs curling in to them before they saw the #10 jump.  Those that took #10 to #3 had an easier time as the panel jump seemed to really stick out for the dog and draw them in.  Not surprising once you look at the angles, but surprising to those of us (yeah, me included) who didn't study the angles....

Lesson learned, not all angles are created equal!  Always look at the dog's landing path and make your decisions from there.

Thank you Novice OH folks for teaching me a good lesson.

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