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Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Latest Trends in Hotel Pillows - Judging Stories

Judging Agility sometimes includes flying and driving to various parts of the country and almost always means sleeping in strange beds.

While talking about hotel chains, I once began a statement with the words "I've been in a lot of hotel rooms in my time...."....Ouch, that came out so very wrong! Regardless, the statement is true - I've slept (alone) in a lot of hotel rooms in the name of judging.

Room amenities & styles have changed quite a bit over the years. For example, the "Save the Planet..." signs with their plea to reuse towels wasn't around 10 years ago and neither was free WiFi.

But the latest hotel trend doesn't have to do with hairdryers, fancy soaps, mini-sewing kits or shower caps, but rather pillows!  Lately, every hotel I've been in has a minimum of SIX pillows on the bed. My bed at home has a mere 3 pillows, one for me, one for my husband and another small cushion I stole from the couch.

I have to admit that it's a gorgeous arrangement of fresh fluffed white puff featured in front of the headboard. Each time I walk in and see the pillows overlapping on the bed, visions of me sitting mixed in the middle of all of them while furiously typing on my laptop brings a smile to my face.

Just when I think the experience couldn't get better, the Holiday Inn Express has surprised me with their Pillow for Dummies approach. They cleaverly thought to mark each pillow with the appropriate pillowcase - soft for softer pillows & firm for those firmer choices (see pictures above). 

No more guessing as to which of the six pillows is right for you!  Nope, Pillow for Dummies is a step-by-step guide for Head & Neck Selectiveness Syndrom (prone to frequent travelers) and is stylish and matches all decores. Pillow for Dummies is available for only a short period of time (since pillow cases wear out from use) so act now! Don't miss out on your FREE TRIAL offer - available only at....Holiday Inn Express!

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