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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Excellent JWW - Columbus, OH

This was a fast and fun running course from the trial this past weekend in Columbus, OH.  There were two areas that seemed to cause the most problems, however, the majority of the dogs ran it great and only by being really picky did I come up with these two areas

The first area was  between jumps #9 & #10.  Several folks put a front cross in between the two jumps.  If they left the dog at the poles and were able to clearly be in front of their dog there was no issue.  However, if they were with their dogs, their motion tended to push the dog toward the off course jump #13 and they were left begging "HERE"! Also, an early front cross left folks cutting the line between #10 & #11 close and they really had to push to #11, which created another hard call off from the tunnel and also the #2 jump so they could get the dog back on track to #12.

The other area that posed a challenge was #15 to #16.  Several folks pulled away to start the long ending run before the dog committed to #16 and the dog pulled in, incurring a run-out.

I seem to be leaning toward the notion that the most errors occurred on course are from a handler not supporting a jump/obstacle.  For the heck of it, I'm going to really start watching this even more to see if this is correct.

Basically, it seems obstacle performance (i.e. contacts/table) & an unsupported obstacle are the most errors in agility....anyone have any thoughts on this?

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