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Friday, March 20, 2009

Class Course Analysis - March 18, 2009

One of the things I like about this class lesson is the funky lines in the beginning. 

While the dog's path between #1 & the weave poles looks straight on, in reality (on our course), the entry to the weaves wasn't so straight on so students had to be sure to work the entry.

We also worked to get the dog to wrap tightly around the left stanchion on jump #3 on its way to jump #4. We then pushed dogs to jump #5 and allowed them a wide turn for a better approach to the #6 weaves while the handler did a front cross.

The next series of obstacles that was a fun challenge was #10 to #16. After the a-frame, folks did a front cross to send the dogs to jump #10. There was a mere 12' here so the spacing was small and needed to be precise.

After the front cross, handlers were encouraged to RUN and push the dogs to jump #12 rather than go into that corner pocket. After the dog took #12, handlers were encouraged to turn and RUN to stay in front of the dog. The ultimate goal was to do a front cross between #15 & #16.  The front cross turned into the greatest challenge, not because people couldn't make it down there, but they had to fight the urge to jump in toward the #15 jump which tended to push the dog into the tunnel.

Instead, handlers needed to be patient and do the front cross closer toward jump #16. Once the front cross was taken, it put the handler in a great position to handle the remaining part of the course.

The last challenge was going from the #19 tunnel to the #20 tunnel. The 5' of space from the exit to the entrance forced handlers to really work the last tunnel and not take it for granted.

This was a runners course!!!! : )

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