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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Course Analysis - Exc. Std, Columbus, OH

Did I mention how much fun OH was?  Oh, of course I did!

Any way, here is the Excellent Std course from Saturday, February 28th.

There were actually two areas that caused some problems and both of them were from handlers assuming their dogs would take the jump and didn't support it.

The first was between #12 & #13 - several dogs curled in as the handler moved forward to #14 before the dog was committed to #13.  Mainly, handlers turned and dogs came with them.  It surprised me and several of the teams out there - many asked me about it on Sunday and I happily answered what I had observed.

I really do like good questions and am happy to help out - when I remember that is

The second portion was after the #16 weaves, the angle to the #17 jump.  Many folks thought the #17 jump was an easy obstacle for the dog and moved on to #18.  However, the poles made a rounded angle to the #17 jump and unless handlers held their position, the dog came off of #17.  Also, I have no doubt that the depressed angle of the #17 jump meant a longer commitment time by the handler was needed.

If handlers turned their shoulders toward the #18 jump before dogs took the #17 jump, the chances of them coming off the #17 jump increased significantly.  Sometimes patience is key and that seems to be one of the hardest things to do when you're used to continuously moving on a course.

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