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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Course Analysis - Denver, CO 2-17-09

Ah, sometimes watching a course you designed go to h*ll in a hand basket is really painful to watch.  Unfortunately, that was Monday's course and it didn't leave me feeling so happy or proud to be the author.

I'd like to say that after 4 days of trialing, both dogs and handlers were tired - I know I was! While that may be a part of the reason, it was a course I wish I could take back so that everyone got to end on a happier note.

There were two main problem areas (circled in red).  

The first was the opening sequence with the obstacle discrimination of dog walk & tunnel.  That darn tunnel absorbed more dogs than I can count. Since I had the advantage of watching the dogs, most were locked on to the tunnel the minute they landed from the tire and there was no stopping them.  Some handlers over handled and called the dog off of taking the dog walk (so the dog neither took the tunnel or the walk and incurred a refusal).

The other area that caught handlers off guard was the #11 jump.  Coming from the teeter, several people miscalculated the spacing to this jump and incurred refusals as the dog would pass the run out plane and head straight toward the chute.

In hindsight, this was definitely more of a handling course. I also wish folks could have another chance to run it and earn more Q's!

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