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Thursday, February 12, 2009

First Night in Denver....

Well, I didn't meet anyone interesting on the plane trip. I admit, I was more engrossed in designing courses for a surprise assignment I wasn't aware I was engaged for .  These things happen and so I'm playing catch up.

At the moment I sit in a hotel bar, drinking a glass of wine, designing courses on my laptop and I can't help but over hear conversations around the area.

There are a few guys talking about various topics.  They started out discussing cultural differences.  It was a friendly conversation and stayed informative - I was impressed that neither side took a hard stance (especially since I'm certain lots of alcohol is involved).  They then went on to discuss their wives.  Now in a typical bar situation you'd expect it to turn raunchy. I have to say, these guys just love their wives!  They bragged about them, outright said how much they LOVE them and on and on.  Maybe it's the pending Valentine's Day or maybe their just secure with themselves.  At any rate, I was impressed.

You might be asking what the heck this has to do with dog training?  Well, the answer is absolutely nothing.  Bottom line, there is more to life than just dog training (I can't believe I said that out loud).  Any way, balance in your life is important.  If you have a significant other, be sure to pay lots of positive attention to them as well.  I have to admit, dog people really get caught up in our dogs and sometimes neglect the humans that are around us. 

Sometimes I think it's easier to relate to dogs because they're so simple in their needs and really aren't capable of ulterior motives, lying, talking behind our backs and a lot of negative things humans tend to do.  Regardless, we have to remember that part of living life is taking risks and interacting and connecting with the 2-legged race as well.

Ah, just my rambling thoughts....back to courses!

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