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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Flying - to Denver

I love flying.  As a kid my father traveled quite a bit for his job and I was lucky enough to go with him on many a trip.  For me, the destinations of the world are only a flight away.

Today I'm in the Seattle airport getting ready to head off to Denver.  This will be a 4-day show, so I'll actually be able to settle into a hotel room for quite a few days.  That also means packing the very large suitcase instead of the smaller carry on that normally accompanies me.  Since this is a breed show, it also means more clothes as I'm required to wear suit jackets, slacks and make-up .  Another change from the dockers that would normally be acceptable!

Judging this weekend means I won't be spending Valentine's Day with my husband and I won't see him or my dogs for a good 5 days (including flying time).  There's always a sacrifice when judging, but there are always good points as well.  Judging is one of the few times that I get time to myself.  Sometimes that's on the airplane designing courses and at rare times I get to spend a bit of time in a hotel hot tub or in the room watching a chic flick.

At any rate, the best part is meeting new people.  I almost always meet very interesting people and I really need to take time to write about them. Some have been:

  • A professional bicyclist on Team 1
  • Professional basket ball & foot ball players
  • Lawyers
  • A lady with a very interesting love story
  • and more
Some are ordinary people with extraordinary stories and some are extraordinary people who want to be ordinary.  In any event, I always learn about myself or others during these trips.

I'll let you know what I learn this time through.

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