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Monday, June 28, 2010

Judging Stories - Maine June 2010

Lucky me, I got to spend an extra evening in Maine! Due to weather in Chicago flights were cancelled and delayed so that meant I wasn't able to get in to catch my connection.

Not to worry, I'm resourceful and got myself a seat on a US Airways flight. With ticket in hand I start to board only to be told they gave me the wrong coded ticket. Long story short, the United Rep had no idea how to 'unlock' my reservation which meant that US Air couldn't get paid. So it was with a bit  (okay a TON) of disappointment I got to watch as they closed the door and the flight took off. Once again, United will be hearing from me...not that they ever do anything about it. They have a way of not answering customer complaints or simply loosing them.

Could things be worse? Absolutely! Portland, Maine is a nice small airport and it was easy to get back into my comfortable hotel so I was able to get a good night's rest. So today, I feel much better!

But back to this weekend, part of the reason I had so much fun was judging with my old friend Kim Ingraham. It's nice when you can hang out with someone you enjoy and we were both up for seeing the sights.
We went to a few places. The picture at the top was taken around Fort Elizabeth (I believe it was called) and the rest of the pictures were taken at Two Lights.

You can see Kim in one of the pictures standing on rocks that, thanks to the constant touch of the sea, looks like petrified wood. Every step we took we just kept saying 'amazing!' and it was!

After we were done sight seeing, we stopped in at The Lobster Shack for dinner. Wait, I should say an amazing dinner! I took a pre-feast picture of my soon-to-be carnage and Kim giving me lobster gutting lessons, I managed to eat like a queen.

At one point I was having trouble with a claw that just didn't want to give up its' meat and the cracker gizmo was only getting me so far. With cracks in the claw already started, I put it flat on the table and proceeded to pound on it until the claw was ripe for ripping into. Surprisingly, nobody around us seemed to notice my desperate act.

Well, I'll be boarding with my new tickets here in a bit (5:45 a.m. flight) and am hopeful I can make the connection in Washington/Dulles in a timely manner and be home by early afternoon.

Happy Monday everyone! Lisa

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