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Friday, June 11, 2010

Class Course - June 9, 2010 Red Ticket Night

I mentioned in an earlier blog that this past week was Red Ticket Night. Click here for details.

In keeping with Red Ticket Night, the course wasn't overly technical, but instead allowed handlers to focus on skills and criteria they had previously set for themselves.

Regardless, there were some challenging parts on the course, especially for our beginner dogs.

The first part was between #3-4. It gave the dogs an opportunity to get used to handlers converging on their path while they were taking the #3 jump. It also gave dogs the opportunity to check-in with their handler's direction and not assume they were heading up the BIG a-frame.

My favorite part of this course is from the triple jump up the a-frame.

It's been my experience that often times handlers don't realize or understand how to embrace their dog's natural jumping extension over the triple jump. In this case, their natural extension will take most dogs out far enough to give them a nice approach to the a-frame (note: small or longer backed dogs may need the handler to move in toward the landing side of the triple to ensure the dog doesn't cut in too early toward the a-frame). If anyone is interested, I'm happy to go into more detail on this sequence. Feel free to ask.

The next section had handlers pulling in too early for the weaves and their dog would by-pass jump #8.

In the next section, handers were able to practice independent weave poles which were very helpful in achieving the next straight line of jumps.

As for what handlers worked on, some worked on handling, some on their contact work, some on independent weave poles and others on reinforcing their dogs for keeping the jumps up. The fun of the classes was reinforcing all of the good behaviors and decisions the handlers and the dogs made.

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