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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What's Up in March...a TON!

Holy cow, March is going to be a BUSY month! The highlight...well, the picture is a hint. Can you guess what it's from?  HAWAII!

Yeah, Dan is judging in Hawaii in a few weeks and I'm tagging along to catch some sun and relaxation. It's about time I got to cash in my air miles for something fun!

So, before Hawaii I'm in Ohio - where it's cold, but the people are great. Here in Washington we're having a very Spring-like winter with the trees already in full bloom and I'm not looking forward to head to the deep freeze of the East Coast. Funny how just a few weeks of 'warmth' and flowers spoils you.

After Ohio, then Dan and I are off to Hawaii where I can be a bum by the swimming pool! Then, one day after we return, I fly out to judge in WI to experience more deep freeze and more of the wonderful Midwestern hospitality.

In between, I'll be savoring the time with my dogs. After the Stacy P-G seminar, I have a ton of ideas racing through my head and so much to do. I'm trying to keep things in small manageable parts - just like I'd tell my clients. Funny advice for myself because I'm such a perfectionist and want to do it

Another thing I'm looking for is Chicken Camp the first weekend in April. The camp comes at a good time for me personally and I expect my head is going to hurt once I'm done. I like the practical training Chicken Camp provides vs. book learning. I'm not a huge fan of all of the technical terms that handlers throw out these days. Yeah, I know they're accurate and they show the science behind modern dog training, but the general dog training client doesn't give a hoot about the 'Why', they prefer to focus on solutions and practical matters.  Any way, one can't throw out the baby with the bathwater (or the scientific terminology) so I'm sure Chicken Camp will cover those bases as well. As for the practical, I'll be sure to take great notes and do a write-up on Camp as I'm positive it will be amazing.

Oh, an extra bonus on Chicken Camp is that I get to stay in my RV at a friend's place which is 5 minutes from Camp. That will mean relaxing evenings, a bonfire training the dogs and they get to hang with me. I'm so excited!!!!!

As for smaller happenings in my life, I had an amazing birthday as well as a party Saturday night. Next, the dogs are doing great and I started Zulu with a bit of exercise on the treadmill. Holy cow he is such a maniac these days as adolescent dogs are challenging. Mainly because you want them to grow up and be happy, confident dogs and during their teenage years, they take those wonderful qualities to the cocky level . Of course what doesn't help is that one of my dogs is about to go into season and we have hormones raging as well.  Seriously, I could never believe my life is boring and I wouldn't have it any other way : )

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