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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday Courses - New Mexico

Today is my last day here in Las Cruces and there's a lot I'm going to miss! First, the people and exhibitors. What a great group!
Today's challenge was the wind & rain. I'm told that they had more rain today than all summer. I told them their hospitality went too far in making it feel like home (Seattle)
Onto the courses!
* Not a single dog was fooled into thinking they were going up the a-frame after the #3 jump.
* Most handlers went on the landing side of the #6 jump and did a front cross so the dog was on their left going over #7. Of those few handlers who did a front cross on the landing side of #7 (stayed on the right side of #6 & #7), I liked that tight line the best for dogs.
* Another great piece of handling was from #9 - #12. For fast/driven dogs, several handlers were able to push their dogs and then 'pulled their dogs up the teeter towards them and meet their dogs at the end of the teeter.
* I'm not sure why, but several dogs took the #10/#15 panel down. It was a bit slick on the grass and it's my understanding that this group doesn't run in the rain often.

On Excellent JWW, the weaves were quickly completed and were followed up by two large loops, the first to the left and the second to the right. After that, there was a tighter pinwheel (in comparison to the last two loops) that required more precise handling, followed by a large loop out.
The challenge on this course was to support those jumps that were furthest out and to be able to quickly change to a tight handling area at the end.
It was a great course to end the weekend with as dogs ended with a lot of energy and success.
Thanks again to everyone for such a wonderful time!

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