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Friday, November 27, 2009

Courses Sat New Mexico

Today is Day 1 of the trial and it was a beautiful sunny 67 degrees. Today was Excellent only.

We started with Standard and as one exhibitor described the course as having 'subtle challenges'. The areas were with the most judging calls were:
  • * The incorrect tunnel entrance (handler error)
  • * The usual weave issues (entry/popping out)
  • * There were several teeter fly-offs as handlers headed down the line of jumps & dogs left early to catch them
  • * Refusals at #15 as dogs spun while looking back for their handler or as handlers pushed in too early and the dog headed for the chute.
  • * The off course jump near the chute

  • Overall, I was impressed with the consistency of the handlers & dogs!
Next was Excellent JWW. I have to admit, I really liked this course and the varying challenges. Individually, none of them was difficult, but put together, the handler & dog needed to be on their toes and able to quickly adapt to the next sequence.

The challenges on this course were:
* Between jump #4 & 5 as dogs were heading toward the off course #15 jump.
* The off course tunnel only caught a few dogs as most were already heading toward #8 when they landed after #7.
* #12 jump - many dogs went went for the #2 jump again and some completely missed this jump.
* Some dogs headed for the off course #4 jump with a few of them taking it.

The ending from #15 on was a fast sequence!

Again, dogs did a great job and it was a pleasure to watch them.

On a separate note, I LOVE being able to get a feel for the local culture and this is a cute little town. I was taken to a place called the square that had wonderful shops with native jewelry, pottery & ceramics, clothing, a winery and other specialty shops.

The shops were true to the area and very different than anything we have in Seattle. I purchased a beautiful silver cross for myself, a bottle of wine for Dan (from Heart of the Desert winery) and an amazing Christmas gift for Dan's Mom. Beth (Dan's Mom) and I have a wonderful relationship and I spend all year looking or making something special for her. I seriously can't wait to give this one to her : )

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