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Thursday, September 24, 2009


With a title like Heart, I'll bet you're expecting a flowery inspirational message. Well, not today ladies & gents!

Today's blog is about the rock band Heart!

As you can see by the pictures (from my camera phone), I spent last night at the State Fair which featured Heart as the entertainment for the evening. Heart is from Seattle so it wasn't surprising that the show was sold out and the crowd was hyped.

One of the best things about being an adult is going back and doing things you didn't get to do as a kid. Seeing Heart, a band whose music I grew up with, happens to be one of those things. As some rockers age, they loose their edge....

So are you wondering if Heart is among them? Well, let me just say the concert was AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING!!!

Ann's voice is soul gripping and she made the notes sound effortless. Seriously, I left the concert certain I could belt 'em out as graceful & powerful as she did! Lucky for everyone, I got over that euphoria quickly before I foolishly acted on that pipe dream .

I've been to dozens of concerts and shows in my lifetime. Everything from musicals, symphonies and opera up through country, heading into cult bands like the Grateful Dead and into rock bands such as the Police, Def Leppard, Bon Jovi and Motley Crew (to name just a few).

What makes a concert or show so amazing is when you feel the energy and mood as if you were hearing it fresh and for the first time. It's captivating and takes you out of reality (without the use of drugs - a slight poke at the Grateful Dead followers of the old days ).

In this case, I've listened to Heart's music for decades and have always enjoyed it. Last night, I got to live it with the artists and watch it come alive on stage. I could actually feel the power of Ann's voice from within myself. It was easy to be carried away into feeling the connection through their music.

Beyond Ann's soulful sound, credit also needs to be given to the musicians creating the beat, complimenting the mood and bringing the sound alive with their exceptional talent. This is a solid band whose sound can only be described as 3-D because it has so much dimension.

Nancy's guitar talent is beyond impressive and her voice is beautiful as well. An added addition to their line-up of guitarists was a gentleman from Alice in Chains, a rock band with a bit of an edge.

I have to say, if you EVER have a chance to see Heart in concert, do NOT pass it up. I'm off to go dig up my old Heart CD's to download onto my ipod...maybe I'll try out those high notes while nobody is home

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