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Friday, September 4, 2009

Inspiration - Where Is It & What Is It?

A few weeks ago I realized that something was missing in my daily life - Inspiration.

When I was younger, more tangible things were my inspiration. Purchasing my first home, a refrigerator that had water & ice in the door (that was a real milestone for me!), buying my first new car and being the first in my family to have a college education, just to name a few things.

Now that I'm older and have achieved those mile markers, I'm finding that inspiration has a new face and it's far less tangible.

For example, this past Spring, I was inspired by all of the flowering trees, shrubs & bushes found on my property. I took pictures of every single one and found myself amazed at how many different kinds and colors were planted here. Nature's beauty inspired me and put a smile on my face.

More recently I was reminded of another inspiring moment when I re-watched a video of an Agility handler who, as she ran the course, knew she was dying from an aggressive cancer. She, and everyone at the trial, knew it was going to be her last run with her beloved pet. The effort took incredible physical will power, but she had decided that she wanted to finish her goal of earning a MACH with her dog. The run was amazing, the moment incredible and the smile & joy between her & her dog was obvious. It was a real movie-moment as she accomplished her goal and was able to celebrate with mere weeks to live. She was living in that moment and although she could have been angry at her circumstances, she chose a different path and without knowing it, became an inspiration to many, many people.

If you'd like to watch (and I encourage you to), the link is:

Inspiration is a powerful thing and I'm not so sure it can be planned. After all, the recipient must first be willing to recognize or accept Inspiration. Second, what does inspiration look like?

For me Inspiration is something out of the ordinary. It shines. It makes you feel good. It moves you. It's something you want to share and it brings on that ah-ha! or light bulb moment. Maybe it's simply the right message or 'thing' at the right moment. But I think we can all agree that when we see Inspiration, it sticks with you, it makes you think and it allows you to grow. If you're lucky, it even expands the world of possibilities before you.

So, a few weeks ago when I was experiencing a coasting moment in life, I knew it was time to open my eyes and look around. Since I'm past the phase where a pair of Prada shoes will do the trick, that also meant it was time to open up my heart to remember those things that Inspire me and to seek those things out. Think of it as coming home or getting back to the heart of who you are - it's rather fun.

Well, those are my thoughts on Inspiration. Today I've decided mine is sun & bright green grass. Some days it's when my puppies lay on my lap. I think Inspiration should be a part of our weekly intake and it's FREE!

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