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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Courses, Hollywood Dog Obed. Club - 9/26/2009

Today I was successful in staying out of the very hot sun the majority of the day, but I was a tad bit worried about the Standard judge. It had to be 115+ in the sun, but she did hold up. Standard, with no shade, had to have been brutal.

Today I had jumpers and started off the day with Excellent. The course flow was terrific for the dogs with it's big loops and handlers looked very comfortable with the increasing dog speed as the course continued.

Obstacles #7 - #14 was a NASCAR race track for the dogs with a bit of collection and a side switch between #14 & #15. Ironically, this sequence was very similar to a challenge on yesterday's Standard course (not done intentionally), although in this case, the dog's path & momentum made the sequence much smoother.

I drew in red the path the majority of handlers did, which was a rear cross on the landing side of #14 so that the dog was on their right side going over jump #15.

The last line of jumps was a straight run to the end and the dogs seemed to really enjoy it.

I've also added my Open & Novice JWW course as the nesting was nice while still keeping the appropriate amount of challenges.

On other news, the club and handlers have been very supportive, nice and helpful. The other judge and I have worked hard (thanks to the effort of the ring crew and exhibitors) to move through the trial in a systematic order so that no dog or person was left sitting in the sun. Lots of folks are helping out when they can and it's been pleasant.

We go back in a bit for an evening BBQ and I'm looking forward to it. I heard the film crew for the Mentalist was briefly back again today so I'm still hopeful to run into Simon!

Although, I can't understand why he hasn't stop by to say "hi"?!?!?

I Guess being an AKC Agility judge doesn't have much pull here in the Hollywood area .

Ah, a girl can dream though....

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