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Friday, October 2, 2009

The Crack In the Cosmic Egg

Driving straight to the heart of what's on my mind...People. As a disclaimer, this has nothing to do with the dog world, so don't fret my doggy friends!

Today's Blog is a tribute to a book I read in college called "The Crack In The Cosmic Egg". The book's overall theme is that nothing is what it seems and I've often used this book as my scientific theory to explain misc. stuff in life.

For me, dogs are relatively simple. People on the other hand have the capability of being a bit more sly. I don't think they intend to be, but it just happens given the right scenario. (This is the point where I top off my wine glass because deep thoughts are ahead).

OK, just like dogs, people do things (generally) as a result of lessons learned from association. For example, people lie because they're afraid of consequences, they're trying to avoid responsibility, they don't want to feel out of control or they're simply insecure or lack a morale compass. Oh heck there is an entire host of potential reasons that only a trained professional can fathom.

The Crack in MY Cosmic Egg came today when I unveiled, a situation where someone was distorting the truth by omission. Some would try to argue that person didn't actually tell a lie, but we're all adults and no matter how one tries to sugar coat it, a failure to state the facts or clarify them, still results in a lack of trust (and yes, it's still a lie).

I can't help but think What the heck? Why try to hide a situation that impacts me? Ugh, now the situation is in crisis mode! I could get stuck on these questions, but once the initial feelings are dealt with, this is where The Crack In the Cosmic Egg theory has done me some good.

First, it reminds me that change is inevitable. Second, I avoid blame by remembering that when dealing with any living entity, the variables are countless and will change unexpectedly - and there is no way to foresee every pitfall or blessing that's going to come our way. Just when we think we understand someone or something, evolution/genetics and other unforeseen influences (like learned association) suddenly emerge like a clown from a wind-up box. Sometimes the clown makes us smile and other times that weirdo-clown scares the daylights out of us!

So while I'm not happy about being lied to, for the moment, I'm fairly content to place this situation in the temporary box I call The Crack in the Cosmic Egg. For me, it's a little easier to comprehend vs. the "Sh*t Happens" theory.

Just to be clear, once I'm through my surprise crisis situation, I'll be coming back around to get some more solid answers on the situation. After all, lying, even by simple omission is NOT acceptable...

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