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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Catch-Up on the Last Several Days

On Sunday, the family went to Issaquah's Salmon Days, a local event of food, vendors and a chance to see the Salmon fight to get upstream to continue their population.

The fall day was beautiful and pictured here are several of the very large salmon going against the current. As you can see, they're BIG! But before you think 'easy fishing for filling the freezer', you need to know that by the time the Salmon reach this point in the fresh water of the stream, the meat isn't so good any more.

After we got home, Dan and I started a bonfire. We'd spent most of Saturday using our new 24' extension ladder to trim up a few trees. Most notably, the one that was immediately in back that seemed to never hesitate to share dried needles on our patio and on the roof. Every other day I'd have to hose down the patio or they'd be tracked into the house. Well, not any more!

At one point the bonfire was pretty large and pine needles go up FAST! Once the main work was done, we sat around the fire with a bottle of wine and enjoyed the crisp fall evening.

This morning Zulu went for his 2nd herding lesson. He did so good! He started off very nicely with some wide outruns and even added in a few counter clockwise circling (something he wasn't so keen to do last time). Where he understandably struggled was when asked/being taught to move forward toward the sheep in a straight line to move them.

Since I'm out there with him, I wasn't able to take pictures and I have to admit I was spectating a lot because it's so darned cool to watch!

I've had a ton of requests for updated pictures on Rouge, Zulu, Rylee & Burton. Today is a beautiful day and after lunch, I'll be working the dogs (client dogs & my dogs) well into the evening so I'll make a point to bring the camera with. Later, Rouge & Spot will be coming with for a walk in the woods and then I'll be here at home in the pasture working the crew individually on "stuff".

For all of my breeder friends, I'll try to give a more detailed log on each of the dogs later.

I'm off to eat!

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