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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mile High Golden Ret Club of Denver - Sun Exc Std

Attached is my Sunday Excellent Standard course.

After setting it up, I was a little worried it would be viewed as too technical, especially when compared with yesterday's jumpers course that had quite a few straight running lines on it. However, once it got going, I really enjoyed it and had quite a few compliments on the course.

The course started with a tunnel and surprisingly, a few dogs had trouble with this. If I had to guess why, I think handlers assumed the dogs would go for the entrance and they took it for granted.

The course path ensured I had no problems judging the dog walk and there were no close calls with wandering handlers. Very few dogs went straight into the off-course tunnel, however several handlers had to fight to keep their dog on track and heading toward the jump.

My favorite handler path was when exhibitors would go to the landing side of the #5 jump so they were calling the dog over the jump to them and the dog would approach the a-frame while they were on the left side of the handler. It was a beautiful line and set up the next sequence nicely.

The a-frame, double jump to the chute posed no problems and barely a handful of dogs went into the #1 off-course tunnel. Several handlers were able to stay on the landing side of the #10 jump and there was some really nice maneuvering to call the dog over the #10 jump toward them and then work the dog on their left heading up the teeter.

After the table, the #13 jump to the weaves was a challenge. Quite a few bars were knocked at this jump as handlers were afraid to allow too much extension for fear the off-course tunnel would work it's sucking magic. Some dogs just had to have the tunnel no matter how hard their handler called them.

The closing sequence had some handlers working hard to push their dogs out to the tire and triple and the best handler path I saw was a front cross between #15 & 16. Most people were able to leave their dogs in the weaves so they were able to get up in to place very nicely. Another challenge for handlers who kept their dogs on their right through the closing sequence was that they had to be sure to pull their dog over the #16 jump toward them or the dog would simply by-pass this obstacle.

Again, another great day in Colorado and we're on the plan just about ready to start our descent. I love having WiFi on board! Any way, thank you for a wonderful trial and for such a fun time.



  1. that looks like a great course with some definite challenges. I love looking at the course and then hearing how it really worked with the dogs/handlers.

  2. Thanks to you and Dan for some great courses this weekend! It's nice to have judges who are enjoying they day and making it a fun experience for everyone. Of course, it helped that I got Skye's MACH this weekend too!

  3. I LOVED the Sunday Standard course! It never ocurred to me to recall over #5. Very interesting. I could have done that since my dog has independent contacts.

    Loved ALL the courses this weekend! It was really fun to see some different challenges than the usual.

  4. @ Greg - it was a beautiful run : )
    @ Morganne - I'm going to set up this course for my classes this week and have them handle using the recall over #5. It was a neat line!

  5. Lisa Thanks!! And I DID do the recall over #5, taking out that cross after the AF - worked great for us!

  6. Thanks Lisa and Dan for some really fun courses this weekend!! It was GREAT to see you both again. Don't stay away so long next time!!

  7. Thanks to both of you for such nice courses this weekend. At the risk of you thinking your courses were too easy, I have to tell you my little basenji (the only one entered in the trial) Q'd every run! I was thrilled. Of course she's just in Open, but she did finish her Open Standard title on Sunday. Which was neat especially since my brindle basenji finished his AX title under Lisa many years ago when she judged the basenji nationals in St Louis. Thanks again!
    Kim with the curly tails and tales