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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Quick Update on Training w/ Toys

I wanted to give a quick update on how the toy training is going with Rouge and Zulu, my two test dogs. To sum it up in one word - AWESOME!

I like to pair my blogs with pictures and I have to admit that I haven't figured out how to include a video in my blog yet! To add insult to injury, I videoed Zulu on my fancy cell phone and can't figure out how to change the orientation of the video so it's sideways on YouTube. Yes, I'm technologically challenged!

However, the video is worth watching as it is a great summary of how my 2 on 2 off contact training with toys is going. Here's the link of Zulu self-rewarding. Just turn your head to the left for the full effect...

As for Rouge, I've laced her toys are laced with food (turkey sausage to be exact) and that gets her soooo excited to work. The other day I pulled out the toy to go do some basic box work (so we could practice our front and rear crosses) and when she saw the toy she started jumping all around and was so flipping excited. 

I was a little surprised at her enthusiasm (Dalmatians do tend to be more food motivated), although I guess if I'm playing the game right, I shouldn't be 'cause it just means I'm training correctly! Any way, it was fun to see her motivation for agility, our interaction and play.

It's very rewarding to see these leaps in development!

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