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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Courses - Columbia, SC Sunday

Today I judged JWW and have attached the course.

The majority of the course was designed by Barry Hall with a few minor changes by me as well as some additional spacing.

Surprisingly, a few dogs missed the #2 tunnel entry and went behind the tunnel. When this happened, handlers took off immediately after the dog committed to the first jump and simply assumed the dogs would find the tunnel entrance.

Most folks did a cross around #5 and I would have to say it was pretty evenly split between a front and a rear cross.

In anticipation of the cross around the weave poles, some handlers did a front cross on the take off side of #9. Unfortunately, this generally didn't work so well and sent dogs directly from #9 over the #12 jump. On the other hand, handlers who did a front cross on the landing side of #9 had a better chance of making the weave pole entry.

The biggest challenge on the course was the #14 jump. Handlers needed to push out and support that jump or dogs were tempted to by-pass this obstacle and head straight for #15.

The last line of obstacles was fast and had both dog and handlers running to reach the finish line. Again, there were a lot of great runs and it was a blast to watch some of these teams RUN this course.

Of course my personal favorite is Mark Ogle with his Dalmatians. Mark does an amazing job and all of his dogs are terrific.

Thanks again to a wonderful club!

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