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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Why Go Public? PSLRA

I've been asked "Why a public approach?" to our resignation from PSLRA. Here's why:

It wasn't with the intent to promote a rift or to tear the club a part (which we firmly believe will NOT happen), but instead to promote change. Dan and I tried, repeatedly over the years to participate, to work with the club (i.e. the Board) and to create a positive experience. At almost every juncture we came face to face with a brick wall, deaf ears, excuses and worse yet, unrelated personal topics thrown in our face.

Rather than view our note as a slam, we hope PSLRA will view it as an opportunity to promote change and to ensure committees follow through and adhere to guidelines like the new Vendor Process (just one example). And NO, this does not mean the club should use Premier K9 Club (my company's) equipment. Actually, we have indicated we will not be bidding to provide equipment to PSLRA mainly because our interests are moving us in a different direction.

Additionally, this isn't about Agility. We used Agility as an example because that is the high-budget venue we were most knowledgeable about.

If we had been the only ones who felt as was written, the information would never have gone public. However, we're not the only ones. Not even close.

I know it's easy to take these things personally and again, we sincerely apologize for that. Unfortunately, as outsiders who were continuously trying to get information and be included, we found it very difficult and unwelcoming.

I realize I'm taking the fall as the bad guy, but it is not because we are disgruntled and wish ill-will. On the contrary, I think the club will be stronger and better than ever.

It's been said my blog is highly public and viewed by many, when thinking of the millions of websites & blogs, my little blog is being given way too much credit! : )

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